Athens Conference & Meeting Venues

The Civitel Attik's pleasant surroundings, from the pool and garden to the large terrace and classy location, make it ideal to host successful events and meetings. The hotel's spacious restaurant area, spread over 280 meters square, can host up to 260 people for a spectacular cocktail. The main conference hall can accommodate up to 160 people, while the small conference room can hold anywhere between 10 and 80 guests, depending on the event. The superb veranda can also host anywhere between 25 and 100 people, adding to the choice of options that help ensure a spectacular event.

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Conferences Facilities & Services

Free WiFi across the property, audiovisual equipment, photocopy facilities, coffee breaks, catering menus and many other services enable you to plan outstanding events. Presentations, conferences, workshops, product launches, celebrations and cocktail parties can be executed seamlessly at the Civitel Attik and its variety of spaces. The support staff at the hotel ensures that all your technical needs are met efficiently, while the service staff covers every group's needs for coffee breaks and meals. Spotless public washrooms nearby are a much appreciated convenience.

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